Smart Taget Ads
a Solo Ads Agency
With over 10 Years
of Experience


We use our advertising expertise to help entrepreneurs all over the world grow
their businesses with fresh traffic – the price and quality of which is a direct competitor
of Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Ads.

Here at Smart Target Inc., nothing is more important to us than ensuring your business success 
and overall happiness through our industry-leading, client-focused methods.

Why should you work with us?

We help internet marketers reach their business goals by providing a traffic solution that delivers
the buyers they need. With over a decade of experience,  we pride ourselves for being among 
the few agencies that provide the highest-quality traffic available on the market – no matter
your industry, or experience. 

Exclusive Targeting

Stop wasting precious time and energy on excluding 'bad' buyers you don't want to work with. With targeting being our main expertise over the last decade, we will put an end to your search of the perfect customer by studying your needs & choosing the prospect parameters that work for you (niche, age, hobbies, interests, countries, etc)


We give peace of mind by guaranteeing an opt-in rate of at least 30%. Unlike other solo ad sellers, we also go the extra mile and guarantee open & click throughs on your emails. Send us the offer you plan to promote and get
a free response estimate

Real, human Leads

We have a zero-tolerance policy - no fake leads, bot, or push traffic allowed. We use the latest software and inspection methods to keep it clean and guarantee real, human traffic with each campaign. Work with us to make fake traffic
a thing of the past

Expert copywriting

We prime visitors so they can appreciate your offer. Our trained team of experts' life's main goal is to write custom ad copy that will excite visitors about your offer before they're about to see it. We write a complimentary, custom ad with each campaign

Free Tracking

We don't want you to worry about figuring out costly/hi-tech tracking software on your own. Work with us
to have tracking taken care of for you, allowing you to focus on getting results as you watch your campaign
delivered live

Top Tier COuntries

We provide targeted, high-quality traffic consisting of 95% visitors from tier-1 countries (countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)

Traffic Sources
Leads available today

100% MONEY-BACK Guaranteed

Solid business requires solid strategies. 

We pride ourselves on serving satisfied customers for more than a decade. We serve businesses both big and small from varying industries all over the world, delivering them with smart advertising, the quality and price of which is a direct competitor of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube Ads. 

Over the years, we’ve made it our main goal to find advertising that would make sense financially, helping beginner business men and women grow their income 
and get closer to their dream. 

Our promise is simple. There is no risk and no catch. We will either deliver real, interested leads with your campaign – or we don’t want you to pay for it. For details and estimations, contact us via [email protected]


Customers Are Happy To Talk About Us

"I've been a returning buyer for years. It literally doesn't make sense to buy traffic anywhere else. You can buy campaigns as small as 500 clicks and get a positive ROI - even if you're promoting an average product. With the fast delivery and high-class support combined, this choice of vendor is a true no-brainer for every affiliate marketer"
Dan Cheong
FOUNDER of Passion to Profit
"As a business owner and the world's leading list-building expert, I know how hard it is to find trusted sources. This is, hands down, one of the best alternatives on the market if you're looking for hot buyers, reliable traffic, and an affordable price."
Igor Kheifets
"Finding traffic is a real struggle for the average internet marketer, especially if you're a beginner. You've got the right offer, but it's only a part of the equation. The high open rates I'm seeing with this traffic, and more importantly - sales rates it's capable of generating makes me come back again and again, without seeing any saturation whatsoever."
Terry Duff
CEO of Winning Marketing Solutions
"The responsiveness of this traffic helped my Legendary Marketer business grow. Highly recommended. The quality is fantastic, the price isn't high so it's easy to break even, and the speed of delivery is nothing short of phenomenal. Even on large orders like 5,000 clicks"
Jean-Francois Gemme
Founder of List Builder Anonymous
"Traffic is my expertise, so trust me when I say that after buying more than thousands of clicks for different affiliate offers from every seller possible, I am convinced that this is the best place to get traffic - with any product and any niche."
Anthony Mancuso
"A reliable traffic source I use for years now. When it comes to testing new offers to see how they convert,
I know where to turn to get the traffic I'm looking for. Great price, outstanding quality."
Eden Alon
Internet Marketer

the hottest offers that convert with our traffic

Choose the perfect package to fit your business's needs


200 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 10% Over-Delivery
  • Advanced Tracking


300 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 10% Over-Delivery
  • Advanced Tracking


500 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 15% Over-Delivery
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Professional Copy


1000 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 10% Over-Delivery
  • Professional Copy
  • Advanced Tracking


5000 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 10% Over-Delivery
  • Professional Copy
  • Advanced Tracking


10000 Visitors

  • 95% Tier-1 Leads
  • 10% Over-Delivery
  • Professional Copy
  • Advanced Tracking

COntact US

For any inquires, please email us at [email protected]

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Due to the exceptional quality of our traffic, sales aren’t uncommon with our client’s campaigns. However, like any other advertising company on the ethical side of the market, we can’t guarantee sales. Guaranteeing sales isn’t ethical nor legal. In fact, if a traffic seller offers you this shady guarantee – it’s wise to stay away. Your advertising investment may be in danger. 

What is our guarantee ?

Our targeting expertise allows us to guarantee real, human leads – prospects who are likely to become eager subscribers  who are genuinely interested in your offer. Reach out with your link to get a free estimate of the response and conversions you’re
likely to see with your campaign.

What does Tier-1 traffic mean?

We deliver 95% of our traffic from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you are interested in traffic from any of the above countries in particular or any other country, please contact us directly and so we can arrange for
a special package for you.


You don’t have to worry about providing the right ad copy with your campaign. We hold a team of talented copywriters who will take care of this headache for you, for free.


Saturation isn’t an issue with our traffic. We keep our traffic fresh at all times, delivering fresh visitors from over 65 sources, bringing over 25,000 new leads on a daily.


We work in many different niches. Contact us to find out if your offer is a good fit with our lists.

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